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Check the Oxford Daily Info for all major events and listings in Oxford.

Find out more about Schools & Colleges – Further Education in Oxford.

You may like to know about some of the other major tuition providers in the UK. Please note, though, that none of them offer tutors who are all Oxford University graduates and Oxford graduate students; UK Tutors are a straightforward tutor matching service. First Tutors offer a large number of tutors to choose from. Home Tutors UK provide a sizeable directory of tutors. A+ Tutors are not an agency, and while this can have its advantages, it means that the ongoing quality of the tuition is not guaranteed. Dance Tutors specialise in all kinds of dance. Registry of Guitar Tutors offer tuition in both guitar and bass (as do we).

For piano, guitar, and other kinds of music tuition we highly recommend Nathan’s Notes right here in Oxford where you can learn in your own home with an experienced and friendly tutor.

First Tutors

Here are some providers of online tuition in particular: Home Tutors UK offer a large number of online tutors. Kwintessential offer online language tuition (as do we). The Oxford School of Learning emphasise online business studies (note that they do not guarantee Oxford graduates as tutors). Easy Tuition offer online learning only, and do not offer the option of face-to-face learning. Science Tuition Online offer, as you would expect, tuition in science (as of course do we).

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