We offer tuition at University level in every subject. Studies have shown that more and more undergraduate students in the UK are turning to the expertise of tutors for additional help.

We are very clear with each enquiry, however, that we do not offer help on any assessed work specifically set by your University, accredited or otherwise.

We expect all students to complete that work themselves, and only offer tuition to enable them to do so.

That is followed up very carefully by our Director of Studies, so that, it is ensured that the student is well grounded in the assessed material without receiving help on any essay or material that has been specifically set them. This works extremely well.

Students from Oxford University itself even come to us for tuition, and recently to our great delight we enabled a student to move from a 2.1 in the courses he struggled with to obtaining a first overall, which he obtained in those specific topics he received tuition with us in. Thus his least accomplished modules, became his very best following our help. This is one, among many success stories for our University students.

If you are enquiring from another University, our tutors are able to adjust very quickly and effectively to your course requirements having extensively and comprehensively covered the core undergraduate material of their field at Oxford.