Many students come for our Summer Tuition because they wish to be certain of an A or an A* in their courses in the following year, and find that one-to-one tuition with an Oxford Exclusif tutor a sure way to get just that little bit further than they could have otherwise. Many other students come because they feel that their courses may be demanding or overwhelming otherwise, and find that it is only in this context that they can begin to grasp the necessary concepts properly and engage with the material more substantially; they want their tutors to explain the material as simply and clearly as possible. Whatever the case, the general consensus is that students feel substantially more ready to take on new courses, or to retake courses.

A Summer Tuition course can extend throughout the whole of the summer or part of it, depending on the needs of the student. It often takes place on successive days, but it can be broken up if the student prefers. Often two hours per day per subject are recommended, while others prefer one hour per subject or more than two hours. For a one-week course, ten hours are often standard. But we are entirely willing and able to accommodate the student. We shall work with you to put together the best tutorial schedule.

Students are asked upon applying for Summer Tuition to provide detailed information about which segments of the material they most need help with and which aspects of study they would most like to work on. The Director of Studies and the tutor then use this information to tailor the tutorials to the specific situation of the student. Where necessary, help is given not only in familiarising the student with the material but also in helping them in study technique and in making strategic preparation for writing essays and solving problems in examination contexts.

Preparation normally includes at least one test per week, regular quizzes, and a mock examination near the end of the study period, which the tutor then goes through together with the student.

Enrol now for Summer Tuition and we shall be able immediately to organise tutorials for you.


7th July – 31st August 2009

As always these dates are flexible and can be adapted to the individual student’s school timetable or personal timetable.

Course Fees

There is no set number of hours for a summer tuition course.  The number of hours is decided individually for each student. The total course fee is determined by the number of hours.  For our hourly rate, please refer to Services.


We offer tuition in the same subjects for summer courses as we offer throughout the rest of the year.  Please refer to Services.

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