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Types of Tuition

We offer individual tuition in all subjects and at all levels of secondary school: school entrance, GCSEs, A levels, university entrance, and at the university level. We also offer individual tuition in EFL (English as a foreign language), including IELTS or TOEFL preparation, and, in many cases, at the undergraduate level (some of our tutors are also employed as tutors in the University).

Subjects Offered

We offer tuition at all of the relevant levels in these subjects: Accounting, Ancient Hebrew, Ancient History, Arabic, Art and Design, Art History, Biology, Business, Cantonese, Chemistry, Classical Civilisation, Classical Greek, Communication Studies, Computing, Critical Thinking, Design and Technology, Dutch, Economics, Environmental Science, French, Further Mathematics, Geography, German, History, Government and Politics, ICT, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Law, Mandarin, Mathematics, Media Studies, Modern Hebrew, Music, Philosophy, Physics, Psychology, Religious Studies, Russian, Sociology, Spanish

Examination Boards

Because our tutors are so well acquainted with their subjects, and because of their wide experience in teaching, they feel comfortable teaching both for international and for national examination boards. These include the AQA, the OCR, Edexcel, and the CIE.

If a student is just about to embark on a course then we can provide guidance as to which board is likely to offer the course that best caters to the student’s unique abilities.

Tuition Settings

In true Oxford style, we ask, why have your tutorial in a sterile classroom when you can learn in the comfort of a sofa or an armchair, the way it’s always been done in the University?

Many of our tutors reside in London, in which case the tutorials will normally take place in the tutor’s home or in another ideal setting.

Many of our tutors in Oxford will choose to hold the tutorial in their college rooms, or perhaps in the Common Room (the lounge) of their college in the University.  Whatever the case, you will normally be tutored in a classic Oxford setting.

we strongly recommend our online tuition if it would not be convenient for you to travel to Oxford or London. You can learn from the best tutors in the country in the comfort of your own home.