For a number of reasons a family may require a live in tutor, who is willing to work with their child/children
wherever they are in the world.

An international tutor is a tutor that is engaged for a sustained period across geographical and cultural boundaries, and to a standard that would be considered globally competitive.

The general requirements for such a tutor since will include the following.

1. The regular requirement to work across subject areas.
2. The requirement to work long hours in a family environment, including being able to tutor students, both younger and older across subject areas.
3. The requirement to sustain cross cultural engagement in the midst of the teaching process i.e. sensitivity and awareness of a cross cultural environment.
4. A requirement to work overseas.
5. An ability to lead a student in extra-curricular and cultural pursuits.

It is rather difficult for parents to assess such matters for themselves, or monitor and find a replacement international tutor if required. However, Oxford Exclusif will do all of this. We will also conduct a thorough assessment of the learning needs of your children so as to be in a place to provide ongoing feedback concerning their progress, once the tuition begins.

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