• Oxford Exclusif Tutorial Agency Sub FuscAt Oxford Exclusif, all of our tutors are Oxford University graduate students, Oxford graduates, or faculty, and are available to tutor you in Oxford, in London and throughout the country; and globally through online tuition. As top students and researchers themselves, our tutors help their students to reach the top. This policy is what sets us apart. Whether you’re studying English as a foreign language, or are studying for school entry, GCSEsA levels, university entrance, or at the university level, and whether you come from another country or from Oxford itself, our outstanding tutors will help you to succeed. If you cannot conveniently travel to Oxford or London (where we also have a number of tutors), may we suggest our online tuition.

    Oxford Exclusif offers retake courses in every subject. If you’re unhappy with your results at A level or any other level then we’re here to help you achieve the best possible results the next time around.

    You can enroll with Oxford Exclusif at any time. Contact us for any further information you may require.

    “I had tuition in English literature at A level with Oxford Exclusif and I was extremely glad that I did. I got an A in English in the end and I got into Cambridge, which is what I wanted. I really liked the one-on-one tuition model. My tutors really pushed me, and from that I learned how hard I can work! The fact that they were from Oxford University (one a BA graduate and the other a postgraduate student) was very confidence-inspiring, and I knew that they knew their stuff. At the same time the tutorials felt almost casual and were not intimidating.” – Camilla, undergraduate student at Cambridge University

    “My daughter went to Oxford Exclusif to prepare for her retake in psychology at the end of her first year at the University of Birmingham—and she passed respectably the next time around. Psychology was a new subject to her and she had a much stronger grasp of the subject after her tutorials. Her tutor, who was a psychology graduate from Oxford and also a qualified teacher, really helped her to develop her technique for writing those kinds of exams, giving her hints on the sort of things she should focus on and in putting down her answers. He helped her to see how she could learn more effectively. She was nervous before she started the tutorials, but Oxford Exclusif’s tutor was very empathetic, encouraging, and helpful; in this respect and generally he was an excellent tutor.” – Father of undergraduate student from the University of Birmingham

    “I am delighted with the GCSE Italian tuition Oxford Exclusif arranged for Ellen. Her tutor was just right for her and provided a lovely balance of challenge and support. I also appreciated Oxford Exclusif’s very responsive help and care throughout.” – Mr Scott

    “We were absolutely delighted with Oxford Exclusif’s tutor for A-level English. The tuition gave Olivia an enormous amount of confidence. When she first went back to school she understood the subject in an entirely new way and was putting her hand up and participating like never before. This was because her tutor had been immensely kind and understanding and had a nice, gentle approach, which is exactly what was needed. She marked everything for her and went out of her way to help her. The lessons were focused to Olivia and she came home with a task to do. It seemed to me that of all the revision courses at other other places, Olivia’s was by far the best. I have told other people about you. My only regret is that we didn’t come for tuition much earlier!” – Mrs Bellhouse